Franco Valsecchi’s comprehensive opus was presented in 2005 at a retrospective exhibition sponsored by the Piedmont Region and curated by Angelo Mistrangelo in Turin.
Valsecchi was born in Biella, Italy, 1929. He held is first exhibition in 1944.
His work has been a research from the figurative to the informal dimension, to an enquiry on the dominant advanced technological society through the “Numeri Trauma”(Trauma Numbers) collages from 1974.
From reproval to reworking through the computer, the pre- condition for an order towards a peaceful interaction between machine and nature are the “Genesi”(Genesis) works, that owe him the First Prize at the prestigious XIV Premi Internacional de Dibuix awarded by Joan Mirò in 1975 in Barcelona.
Mutazioni (Mutations) on the identity of the new communication ensue.
From the late seventies, after his meeting why the philosopher and sociologist Baba Bedi.
Valsecchi’s research focuses on psychic art as a therapy.
In 1982 he publishes the book “Arte psichica come terapia” (Psychic art as a therapy), the outcome of research work.
From processing the data of an alienated and alienating society, of a violated nature that reproves the tragedy of existence and the meditation for a new genesis, key themes of Valsecchi’s poetic, to the psychic dimension. This, for the evolution of the human being and for a holistic transformation, process through the artistic experience, of the relationship between man’s inner world and the surrounding reality. Franco Valsecchi died in Turin in 2015.

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